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Quality, Environment and Safety Policy


anorte – Construção e Engenharia, Lda’s mission is to operate in the national public works market and individuals in civil construction, offering products and services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of customers and all other interested parties.
We Build Trust…®
As a way of fulfilling its mission, anorte – Construção e Engenharia, Lda, establishes and keeps the following goals and commitments up to date:
– Provide products and services based on the permanent satisfaction of needs and Clients’ expectations, establishing relationships based on trust and proximity,
– Collaborators of competence and professionalism, satisfied, permanently consulted, updated and trained, participatory, aware of the dangers and risks of the activity, promoting health and safety at work and the protection of the environment,
– The permanent improvement of existing resources, thus allowing the improvement of services provided, controlling operations, providing safe workplaces and healthy, eliminating hazards and reducing risks and thus preventing injuries and problems in the workers’ health, applying practices and technologies that minimize the environmental impact and pollution, conserving natural resources,
– Continuously and appropriately analyze and rethink the processes, as a way to increase the productivity, reduce costs, promote the safety and health of all involved and the improvement sustainable environmental performance, 
– Understand the organization and its context, following the evolution of the requirements of the Customers and other Interested Parties in strict compliance with legislation and regulations applicable to its activities,
– Be recognized as a solid, competent, safe and environmentally protective company,
– Operating results are crucial to achieving Customer Satisfaction and all the Interested Parties and the ability to improve services and, as such, must be constantly improved.
anorte – Construção e Engenharia, Lda, thus assumes the commitment to see that all the applicable requirements mentioned here are fulfilled, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of its Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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