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“anorte – Construção e Engenharia, Lda.” was built on April 2004 by a number of engineers with many years of experience in the construction business and public works.


anorte was established with the purpose of building an alternative to the existing offering in the area of construction business and public works, basing its performance by the accuracy and professionalism, distinguishing by honoring its commitments taken and fulfill all the legal requirements and regulations applicable.
On the base of the creation of anorte there is the existence of a way, a direction, guidance as its name indicates, that has been carried out till our days and that is expected to continue to the future. 


anorte has recent and modern facilities, provided with the necessary means to the development of its business, that provides the comfort and safety of employees and that includes a set of infrastructures that provide environmental protection.


anorte has a human resources team carefully selected and with the necessary and appropriate competencies to the performance of its functions. 

Of its employees anorte expects:

Response capacity
Meeting the objectives
Honesty and integrity
Stress tolerance
Team spirit


anorte – Construção e Engenharia, Lda. started August 2004 with a license 50492 granted by IMPIC class 8 (see license); aas of November 2006, it has been certified according to the internationally recognized standard NP ISO 9001, a certificate that was obtained two years after the creation of the company; and since 2009, anorte has been certified by the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.                         (view certificate)

Over the years,  the PME certificate has been awarded by IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, I.P. (view certificate)

AICCOPN – Associação de Indústrias de Construção Civil e Obras Públicas attributed to the anorte the qualification “R.U.-I.S. – Intelligent and Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation“.(view certificate)
Participation of anorte, as a guest, in the 4th International Seminar of the International Committee of AISS – Education and Training for Prevention.


Inauguration Health House of Boavista

CSB inaugurated a new building to provide clinical services.

Currently, the new building already houses the expansion of the CSB Maternity, representing a significant improvement in the quality of the facilities.

View inauguration “Youtube – CSB”

Lisbon’s Triennial of Architecture

The construction of Triangular House was featured in the 2019 edition of Open House Lisboa.

European Award “Nostra 2018”.

Rehabilitation works carried out in the Botanical Garden of Palácio de Queluz, wins the European Prize “Nostra 2018”.

National Rehabilitation Award

Restoration and conservation works carried out at Palácio do Raio, wins National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation

Arquitectura 21 Magazine

Nine’s School



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